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Service System

E-hyun operates an effective service system to provide best service.

Dedicated Professional System

Dedicated professional system

The dedicated professionals by client will responsibly and promptly assist for the diverse issues that regularly happen.

Two-way client care system

In addition to the dedicated professional system, E-hyun takes further profound care when special issues arise, meanwhile the client need not make an effort to find professionals in the special areas.

Conference Solution System

Dedicated professional forms an expert team to address the complex and professional issues that the client encounters.
E-hyun’s Conference Solution System enables internal cooperation within in-house experts as well as external tax research institutes and related organizations.

Specialization System

In case experts in a specific area are needed or there are confidential issues, you can utilize only those experts in the area to resolve the issues.

Team Based Approach

Since the business activities vary and are complex, it is necessary to cooperate systematically
within experts in all of the areas of accounting, tax, law and management.

E-hyun operates a strong Business Solution System that maximizes the clients’ benefits by all related
experts participating as a one team from the start stage to the completion stage.