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서브비주얼 서브비주얼


  • Philosophy

    Value creation for clients, differentiated professional services,
    Responsibility and ethical management, contribution to society

    This is E-hyun's philosophy.
  • Mission

    We will grow up to be a global accounting, tax and business consulting firm.
    A firm that employees want to work with.
    A truly professional firm that clients want to do business with.

    This is E-hyun’s mission
  • Spirit

    E-hyun’s brand slogan Logos & WISE represents basic spirits and
    methodology for the clients and engagements.

    Logos is E-hyun’s basic spirit.
    WISE is the method and willingness for dealing with engagements.
    Watchful: deliberately without any mistakes
    Integrated: integrating opinions and capabilities of experts
    Sincere: prudent and discreet
    Execute: we execute our services timely and wisely