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CEO Message

We desire that tax firms should be referred to as the best tax service provider among professional firms.
That is why E-hyun Tax Corporation was founded with an aim of becoming the number one brand in tax service area.

E-hyun is the first tax firm which is organized and specialized with balanced tax experts in diverse areas.

With these experts and an organized service system, E-hyun has provided the professional tax services to top 10 conglomerates and leading banks, and customized tax service to mid-sized businesses.
Since its establishment E-hyun has achieved high peak performance by tackling newly emerging big tax issues successfully.

Now, E-hyun goes beyond the role of a pioneer among specialized tax firms and stands out as the strongest player in tax service market.
CEO will lead the services for the clients’ satisfaction.

Please trust E-hyun and be with us.

We will meet your expectation.

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