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서브비주얼 서브비주얼

Regular service

Dedicated tax accountants who have sufficient experiences and trust,
manage the regular services directly and continuously.
  • Corporations and individuals of a certain size or larger must keep books by the double entry system, and file income tax return together with financial statements prepared by the system.

  • In the event of a tax issue, because books and related evidences are the basis to resolve the issue, books, ledgers, financial statements and related documents need to be prepared with the competent professional's assistance.

  • Through continuous internal and external training, E-hyun provides the high quality book keeping services to clients with both trust and skills.

  • E-hyun prepares tax returns and verify the issues directly by a tax expert to minimize the tax risk that may occur during future tax investigations.

  • E-hyun provides comprehensive regular services including a diverse outsourcing services with the experience of professional tax service and management consulting service.

Bookkeeping and tax return

  • E-hyun provides trusted services with a sufficient experience at the National Tax Service.

  • Professional bookkeeping service

  • Annual and interim individual income tax filing

  • Annual and interim corporate income tax filing

  • VAT filing

  • Withholding income tax and year-end tax adjustment

  • Tax Adjustments

  • Mistakes and errors frequently arise in tax adjustment processes, which are mandatory for filing corporate and individual income taxes.

  • E-hyun’s high quality tax adjustment service is provided through the solid quality control processes.

  • - The first stage: Preparation by an in-charge accountant

    - The 2nd stage: Verification by a senior manager accountant

    - The 3rd stage: Confirmation by a partner who is a tax reviewer of KICPA

  • Through above processes, E-hyun prevents mistakes and errors in advance, and prevents clients’ disadvantages, such as large additional taxes.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • E-hyun provides premium outsourcing services for foreign investment companies.

  • Comprehensive services for foreign investment companies

  • Preparation of management report

  • Payroll outsourcing service

  • Professional bookkeeping service

  • Key Professionals