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Inheritance and Gift Tax Service

E-hyun has provided the largest number of inheritance and gift tax services.
E-hyun resolves the tasks comprehensively in collaboration with the lawyers.
1 Inheritance tax service
  • The inheritance happens suddenly, but everyone has to go through.

  • Inheritance tax filing and related investigation is the process to verify all potential issues related to the inheritance. It may result in unforeseen contingencies or issues. Therefore thorough analysis and preparation are required in advance. That's the reason why the assistances of experienced experts are necessary.

  • E-hyun, for the first time in Korea, operated a dedicated property tax (inheritance, gift, business succession) service team. E-hyun has the best professionals with experience at such as private banks, and has the largest number of experience and know-how among competitors.

  • The clients have been satisfied with E-hyun’s differentiated strategy and service, taking into account the characteristics, size and type of the inheritance, and working and sharing the grief with the family, and the client relationship has continued for generations.

2 Gift tax service
  • Unprepared inheritance may lead to excessive inheritance taxes and property division disputes for the remaining family. However, you can seek the best alternative to reduce inheritance tax burdens and avoid property division disputes, if prepared in advance.

  • The gift process typically takes a long time until completion of inheritance, which requires thorough prior analysis, knowledge, experience and know-how of the property management after making a gift.

  • In order to faithfully reflect the wishes of the giver and prevent inheritance disputes for remaining family, E-hyun provides comprehensive services combining tax and legal matters in collaboration with legal professionals.

  • E-hyun has accumulated diverse tax planning and experiences with the wealthy including CEO and financial sector VIP clients, while operating a dedicated property tax team. Based on these experiences, E-hyun provides differentiated services to ensure that property division are effectively completed untill the inheritance through tax planning and asset management strategy tailored to the client’s needs.

  • Based on understanding and trust, E-hyun will be the best professional for property division services.

Key Professionals
  • Man Sik An
    CEO/Certified Tax Accountant

    Private Bank Division of Cho   Heung and Shinhan Bank Investigation Bureau of the   National Tax Service Investigation Bureau of   Seoul Regional Tax Office
  • Jong Min Park

    Inspection Bureau of Seoul   Regional Tax Office
  • Joon Dong Kim

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun Former) Advisor, Gyeonggi   City Corporation
  • Jong Seung Kim
    Certified Public Accountant

    KPMG Samjong
  • Ji Hoon Jeong
    Certified Tax Accountant

    Property Tax Team