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Business Succession Service

The family business must continue for generations.
E-hyun has the best knowledge and in-depth experience in business succession service.
  • For providing business succession service, the knowledge and experience are most important because there is no model that can be applied uniformly.

  • E-hyun, for the first time in Korea, operated a dedicated property tax (inheritance, gift, business succession) service team. In addition, E-hyun has provided the largest number of inheritance and gift tax services and possesses the best knowledge in the business succession area.

  • The dedicated team consists of experienced certified tax accountants with experience at the National Tax Service, certified public accountants and lawyers. Numerous companies have achieved successful business succession with E-hyun’s customized business succession services. E-hyun’s assistance enables the company’s success to continue for generations.

Key Professionals
  • Man Sik An
    CEO/Certified Tax Accountant

    Private Bank Division of Cho   Heung and Shinhan Bank Investigation Bureau of the   National Tax Service Investigation Bureau of   Seoul Regional Tax Office
  • Sook Ryong Ma
    Representative/Certified Tax Accountant

    Seoul Regional Tax Office Inspection Bureau of   Jungbu Regional Tax Office
  • Soo Kyung Kim

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun
  • Sang Kwon Choi
    Certified Public Accountant

    Deloitte Anjin Accounting   Corporation
  • Jee Hoon Shin
    Certified Public Accountant

    KPMG Samjong
  • Joon Dong Kim

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun Former) Advisor, Gyeonggi   City Corporation
  • Dan Bi Choi

    Current) Law Firm Doohyun   Business Succession   specialist