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Tax Appeal Service

E-huyn is one of top-tier firms in terms of relief rate in the tax appeal cases. E-hyun provides the consistent
tax appeal service covering from the review of adequacy of tax imposition to the tax litigation.
  • E-hyun provides a one-stop service by a dedicated team consisting of tax experts, accounting experts and law experts, and is well-known for its industry-leading relief rate and highest quality.

  • The best experts from the Tax Tribunal and the National Tax Service, certified public accountants and lawyers in the diverse fields, have accumulated experience and know-how to solve the tasks.

  • E-hyun provides high quality service, ensuring that all taxpayers are treated fairly, and that the tax authorities impose a fair tax.

  • E-hyun has provided the highest level of tax appeal services to the top 10 conglomerates and for the cases exceeding 100 billion won.

  • E-hyun takes into account the characteristics of the tax case and chooses the optimal procedure and provides consistent services in collaboration with the law firm, in case it moves to the tax litigation phase.

Key Professionals
  • Man Sik An
    CEO/Certified Tax Accountant

    Private Bank Division of   Choheung and Shinhan   Bank Investigation Bureau of the   National Tax Service Investigation Bureau of   Seoul Regional Tax Office
  • Yong Gyun Kim
    Senior Advisor/Certified Tax Accountant

    19th head of Jungbu   Regional Tax Office International Tax   Investigation Division of   Seoul Regional Tax Office
  • Pil Jae Song

    Ministry of Economy and   Finance The Tax Tribunal
  • Soo Kyung Kim

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun
  • Joon Dong Kim

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun Former) Advisor, Gyeonggi   City Corporation
  • Sung Pil Hong

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun Former) Designated   Attorney, Korea Deposit   Insurance Corporation
  • Mal Geum Kim

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun