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Tax Audit Assistance Service

The former tax officials who were good auditors, are able to provide high quality tax audit assistance service.
E-hyun’s tax audit assistance service will relieve your anxiety.
  • Tax audits tend to be conducted covering the areas of inheritance, gift, stock transfer and source of fund. In addition, the globalization may raise international tax issues such as transfer price. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the company alone to resolve tax audit issues, and the effective response to the tax audit may be possible only when competent experts in various tax areas assist.

  • Tax firms are specialized in the tax service. The former tax officials who were good auditors, are able to provide high quality tax audit assistance service. The professional firm should be able to respond appropriately and logically at each stage of the tax audit.

  • E-hyun forms the dedicated tax audit assistance team for each tax area and industry. The experts are mainly from the tax audit department of the National Tax Service, to assist in the tax audit, and to provide effective services to especially prevent extension to tax criminal case.

  • Based on extensive experience in the tax audit assistance service for the top 10 conglomerates and leading banks, E-hyun assists the companies successfully manage tax audit across all industries, from large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • By bringing together the advantages of tax firms, accounting firms, and law firms, E-hyun provides customized tax audit assistance services based on the size and industry characteristics of the company.

Key Professionals
  • Sook Ryong Ma Representative/Certified Tax Accountant

    Seoul Regional Tax Office Inspection Bureau of  Jungbu Regional Tax Office
  • Soo Kyung Kim

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun
  • Hwan Taek Park

    Current) Law Firm Doohyun Former) Tax reviewer at the   National Tax Service
  • Joo Il Park
    Certified Tax Accountant

    International Tax Department of the National   Tax Service International Inspection   Bureau of Seoul Regional   Tax Office
  • Jong Min Park

    Inspection Bureau of Seoul   Regional Tax Office
  • Yeong Seok Song
    Certified Public Accountant

    KPMG Samjong Tax return reviewer at KICPA
  • Seong Il Han
    Certified Tax Accountant

    The National Tax Service
  • Min Ha Kang
    Certified Tax Accountant

    Corporate Tax Team
  • In Yeup Jung
    Certified Tax Accountant

    Expert in tax audit   assistance service