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Tax Diagnosis Service

E-hyun provides the high quality tax diagnosis service by a dedicated team
consisting of certified tax accountants with experience at the National Tax Service, certified public accountants and lawyers.
  • Similar to health-check, the company needs to diagnose the inherent tax risks.

  • If obvious errors are found as a result of the diagnosis, the corrected tax return to reduce the additional tax, and the preparation for risks to be extended to the tax criminal case, are needed. If there are unclear tax issues, it is needed to obtain an authoritative interpretation from the tax authorities.

  • We will assist the company to claim the tax refund paid excessively by incorrect tax filing or misapplication of tax rules.

  • E-hyun provides the high quality tax diagnosis services with a team of certified tax accountants formerly employed at the tax audit department of the National Tax Service for more than ten years, certified public accountants and lawyers.

  • Based on extensive experience in the tax diagnosis service for major companies such as top 10 conglomerates and leading banks, E-hyun provides successful tax diagnosis services for all industries, from large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Key Professionals
  • Sook Ryong Ma
    Representative/Certified Tax Accountant

    Seoul Regional Tax Office Inspection Bureau of   Jungbu Regional Tax Office
  • Hwan Taek Park

    Current) Law Firm Doo Hyun Former) Tax Reviewer at the   National Tax Service
  • Yeong Seok Song
    Certified Public Accountant

    KPMG Samjong Tax return reviewer at KICPA
  • Seong Il Han
    Certified Tax Accountant

    The National Tax Service
  • Hee Won Lee
    Certified Public Accountant

    Corporate Tax Team
  • Hyun Bin Lee
    Certified Tax Accountant

    Corporate Tax Team
  • Young Jin Choi
    Certified Tax Accountant

    Corporate Tax Team